2. März 2019 um 10:00 – 13:30
Sliding scale 90-110 €

You are warmly invited to explore the integration of Yoga and Psychology in a two days workshop. How can we enrich our practice and gain some clarity on our mental growth through combining those two methods of transformation? Which new realizations can we gain when we let our body sensations inform our thinking?
How can this verbal-physical exploration bring a more holistic awareness?

In this workshop, we will give ourselves the space to practice and to share each one’s own inner experience. Through combining the two methods we will get a deeper understanding on what comes up while practicing yoga and how does it resonate with our everyday life experience?
the yoga practice will be our laboratory. We will practice together and from time to time pause to talk and reflect on the feelings, thoughts and our inner dialog that is present during the practice. By listening to the information that unfolds from our bodies and reflecting on it, we will hopefully find clarity and direction within our practice and in our life in general.

2 march 2019 (Saturday) 10:00-13:30
3 march 2019 (Sunday) 10:00-13:30

Sliding scale 90-110 €

About us:

Naama Ityel

Naama is a somatic educator that supports people in their self-transformative processes and in bringing social change. Naama is a Yoga, dance and Feldenkrais teacher and a freelance dancer and choreographer.
She received her ashtanga-vinyasa yoga teacher certification in “Abhinam School of Yoga” in Dharamsala, India, and has taught yoga since 2009 in the style of Vinyasa flow.
Naama is teaching internationally in different institutions and studios such as Yellow-Yoga, Berlin University of the Arts (UDK), Tanz Fabrik and Mime Centrum.

Gili Dim

Gili is an M.A Psychologist and a devoted yoga practitioner. She graduated the Clinical Psychology department in Tel Aviv University in 2015 and started her own Clinic for Psychological counseling in Tel Aviv. Currently studying Mindfulness based therapy in Bar Ilan University where she practices different methods like Compassion Focused Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. In the past years she had been exploring through workshops the ways that Yoga and Psychology support and evolve each other.

Limited amount of participants
For additional information, questions and registration write an Email to Naama: naama.ityel@gmail.com