Wahooo our second Headstand and Handstand Workshop is here! After the success of our first workshop we have decided to get together once again to create this special event for all those who want to gain a new perspective!



Thinking of joining us?

Everyone who would like to get more confident in headstand is welcome. You don’t have to be able to do the headstand already, this is your chance to practice!

Likewise if you would like to give handstand a go but never quite find the space to do so this is the time and place for you!

(This workshop is unfortunately not suitable for anyone with shoulder, neck or back injuries/severe tension.)

This workshop is taught by Ina and Ana two yoga teachers with regular classes at Fincan. Ina teaches Ashtanga and leads Yoga Nidra sessions whereas Ana is trained in classic Hatha Yoga. Together we have a fun and light-hearted approach to teaching with a strong emphasis on relaxation, breath and conscious awareness.


Donation based between 20-25


To be sure of a spot please email subtlestrengthyoga@gmx.de or Facebook us: Subtle-Strength Yoga