This is a playful one hour yoga class designed around the 6 basic movement types (backbends, forward folds, twists, inversions, side angle stretched and balancing postures) with variations to suit all levels. At the heart of the practice is the breath. By bringing our focus to the breath we seek to develop a calm and conscious way of moving and relaxing.

This class is held in a quiet and cool corner of Körnerpark just down the road from the Fincan. Either meet me outside the Fincan at 8.45am so that we can walk down to the park together or look for us in the park (normally on the left hand side as you look away from the café). The class is of course weather dependant so if it´s raining or cold we will practice in the Fincan.

Please also bring a yoga mat if you have one (we do have some for those who don’t) and suncream in case it gets hot!