With and within each day, our strengths and challenges are in flux, and so how we understand our bodies, our intellect, our emotions, our well-being, etc.  While set yoga routines can be effective in a consistent self-regulation, the class will allow for flexibility in its flow and physical demands from week to week, and participants may request certain postures be incorporated into the session.  Each class will also aim to provide attendees with warm-up asanas and breathing exercises (pranayama) that they can extend into their personal time. Being mindful of our own right intention and effort, practitioners will hopefully further appreciate how the medium of yoga can be a transformative experience, and help to negotiate our daily encounters.

Please note: While it is respected that Fincan is a positive and welcoming space for people of any gender, the class will be held for those who identify themselves as male. Also, as a token reflection of the the tradition of Vipassana, I ask that attendees refrain from speaking upon entering the venue.

About the Instructor:  John has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and has had many teachers in cities where he has lived: Toronto, London, Tokyo, Saigon and Berlin.  He has twice travelled to India where he completed his teacher training in both Mysore and Bodh Gaya, aa well as a 10-day Vipassana (silent meditation) in Myanmar.  „The teaching reflects the practice“ is a mantra of John’s, and his intention is to share what he has gathered with those who join.

Time: Monday from 10:30 – 11:45
Level: Intermediate
Cost: 6 – 8€

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