11. Februar 2020 um 18:30 – 20:00


From our tail bone all the way up to our skull, the spine supports and manoeuvres us, integrating the lower and upper regions of the body, bringing together the left and the right sides of us, absorbing shocks, holding our head high and carrying us forward.

The spine is our central channel through which information and energy flows and the plumb line of our bodies around which everything else revolves. Both incredibly strong and uniquely flexible the spine treated well allows us to negotiate everyday life with elegance and ease.

For a lot of us however back tension and pain are familiar experiences. Whether it’s sitting too long at the computer, walking the hard city streets or emotional difficulties, at some point we all experience stiffness, sagging and tiredness. Which is why in this class we take the time to give our spine and the surrounding back muscles a whole heap of love!

Our focus is on alignment, length, flexibility, non-aggressive strengthening of the core and emotional release.  Yoga understands that physical wellbeing is not merely a matter of exercise but an expression of mental and emotional wellness. For this reason we also practice conscious breathing, mental focus and deep relaxation.

Our goal is simple:  to be able to sit in elegant stillness without pain, to be able to move with grace and strength.

At all times students are encouraged to do as much or as little as they feel able. After all, the best teacher you will ever have is your own body!

If you are pregnant, have an injury or suffer from anxiety or other condition you would like me to know about, please feel free to contact me in advance so I can prepare adaptations to suit you. info@subtlestrengthyoga.de


My background is in classic Hatha Yoga but I enjoy incorporating exercises from many yoga traditions such as Kundalini and Swasti. In the end what matters is not the type of yoga we practice but the openness and spirit of exploration we take to the study of well-being.

This class is taught in English with German translation as required.

Zeit: Dienstag, 18:30-20:00 Uhr (allfällige Ausfälle sind im Kalender ersichtlich)
Sprache: Deutsch or english
Kosten: 8-14 Euro (nach Selbsteinschätzung)

10er Karte 80-140€ (nach Selbsteinschätzung, gilt für alle Yoga- & Pilateskurse, auf deren Seite die 10er Karte aufgeführt ist)

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