In this class, we will bring together the body, the breath, and the mind.
We will focus on moving with the breath, so that our breathing (rather than our mind) moves us through asana practice. We will focus on keeping the mind attuned to the breath as mindful awareness as we practice asana.
(If there’s room, include the next three lines….)
  • Feeling the body – den Körper fühlen
  • Harnessing the Breath – den Atem nutzen
  • Observing the Mind – den Geist beobachten.
This class is mostly in English.
Meeting time: Thursdays/Donnerstag  15:30 – 14:45
To register: Please go to my email at least one hour before class begins:
                   I will give you the Zoom meeting login password, and direct you to Paypal for a
                   donation. This is a donation only class. All donations go to Fincan.