This is an open level class suitable for anyone and everyone! Our aim is to tune into our bodies, noticing the small details and training careful and creative ways of moving and building strength.

The class is based around the six basic movement types present in a Hatha Yoga session: backbends, forward folds, twists, inversions, side angle stretches and balancing postures. Students are however encouraged to find their own variations and ways to explore the postures, empowering themselves to find movements that are appropriate and enjoyable for them.  Some postures are designed to build strength and power while others are designed to train the subtle muscular body, allowing us to move with deeper self awareness. At all time students should feel free to do as much or as little as they like. After all, the best teacher you will ever have is your own body!

Ensuring that the physical practise is not merely sport we use breathing exercises, relaxations and meditations to take the practice deeper, aiming to release emotional and mental tension in order to bring our  thoughts under conscious control and our bodies into a state of peaceful relaxation.

If you are pregnant, have an injury or suffer from anxiety or other condition you would like me to know about, please feel free to contact me in advance so I can prepare adaptations to suit you.


My background is in classic Hatha Yoga but I enjoy incorporating exercises from many yoga traditions such as Kundalini and Swasti. In the end what matters is not the type of yoga we practice but the openness and spirit of exploration we take to the study of well-being.

This class is taught in English.

Prise: 8-14 Euro (by self-assessment)

10 cart: 80-140€ (by self-assessment, applies to all yoga & Pilates classes, on whose page the 10th card is listed)


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