Yoga and Feldenkrais Workshop

Know what Yoga is but have never tried Feldenkrais? Or are a committed fan of Feldenkrais but still haven’t got around to trying Yoga? Well then this workshop is for you!

In some aspects Yoga and Feldenkrais are very similar in other ways they are very different, we are interested in observing how they complement and inspire each other and we hope you will join us for this exploration.

The workshop will consists of individual sessions of Feldenkrais and Yoga as well as sessions which bring both approaches together. There are of course brakes and relaxations in between as well as a feedback round and short meditation.

About Feldenkrais:
The Feldenkrais Method is a somatic educational system, developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984).

The physicist Moshé Feldenkrais studied the connections of movement, awareness, thinking and feeling. As a result he developed the Feldenkrais Method, a powerful tool not only to improve human movement but also to improve the skills of the human brain.

A Feldenkrais lesson guides you through a series of movement variations. It creates a space of learning and re-learning to move without stress or anxiety, to let go tensed up muscles, to improve the flexibility and availability of the body.

About Yoga:
Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice which has been incorporated into modern society to as a means for staying healthy in body and mind. By moving and holding the body in a way that builds strength, increases flexibility and trains self-love we hope to release emotional and physical blockages allowing us to experience a state of peaceful well being. How yoga is taught is as diverse as the people practising it! These sessions will include guided relaxations, short mediations, breathing exercises and plenty of playful movements with variations to suit all levels.

About us:
Your guides on this journey are Hannes and Ana. Hannes studies Feldenkrais Method with Anat Krivine and Eilat Almagor in Strigara, Italy. Ana is trained in traditional Hatha Yoga. Both hold regular classes at Fincan Neukölln and are big fans of each other´s classes!

What to bring:
Comfortable clothes for both the Yoga and Feldenkrais sessions and perhaps a change of t-shirt in case you get sweaty! For the Feldenkrais sessions which are much slower and more gentle you might also appreciate a warm jumper and socks.

You will also need to bring something to eat for lunch. Please select something light and fresh as we don’t want full pasta bellies going into the yoga classes!

We provide mats, blankets, props, tea and water and you can buy cold drinks from our bar.

Pay in advance: 40 Euros (please email us for bank transfer details. Deadline 29 November)
Pay on the day: 45-55 Euros (cash only)

Please reserve a spot in advance (latest 29th November) by messaging us on facebook (Subtle-Strength Yoga) or email:

For any further questions about the course, location, content, teaching style, or price just drop us a line!

feldenkrais picture:© Internationale Feldenkrais® Federation Archiv, Robert Golden