17. Februar 2017 - 7:30–8:30
6 - 10€ - je nach Ermessen und Können

My yoga journey officially began in Koh Samui, in search of a new horizon, while I was in Germany working in an office; feeling the absence of wholeness, here comes Yoga life transformation; I experienced deep reverse, self-exploration, which led to a sense of unity and harmony with the entire universe.  Being curious guided me to my first longer journey to India, since then I am on many different journeys, all contributing to evolving life expansions.

From a unique and special perspective, Yoga has become my favorite exercise, there is a woken desire in me to learn more everyday, through self-practice, as well as sharing and receiving experiences with others.

All this said;

You are gladly invited to a “wake-up the weekend” practice, Fridays, 7:30 to 8:30 am.

We’ll shake-up the week and get connected with the upcoming moments through mediation and yoga exercises à for all—come all— bring all

See you very soon:)

Alle aktuellen Yogakurse im Fincan findest du auf https://www.fincan.eu/yogapilatesmeditation