Especially Monday mornings can be hard. This session will leave you awake, alive and refreshed. No more need for coffee in the mornings 😉

What to expect during this session:  We will start with a 10-minute Soma breathwork session (2:4), continuously inhaling two counts in through the nose, and exhaling 4 counts out through the mouth, followed by short breath holds (first, holding the air out, then in).

Then we continue with a 4:4 and 2:2 session. I will be guiding you throughout the whole practice.

  • The event takes place on Zoom. You can register for free at
  • Send me an email to aureliaserenaa@gmail.comto register for the class.
  • Urban Sports Clubmembers can check in normally via the app. Please search for „Hatha Yoga with Lily“.
  • Shortly before the class I will send you the link for the session by mail. In the mail I will also send you further information about payment options (8-14€ per class, via Paypal or bank transfer).
  • Zoom works on all Apple, Android or Windows devices. Ideally, you turn your camera on so that I can see you as well, but it also works without.

I am looking forward to seeing you!