An evening talk with a fool

What is your story?

What myths are you living by?

What parts of your life are comedy and what are tragedy?

These and many more of lifes’ challenging questions can be explored with this profoundly simple method

An introduction into a way of being and relating that could change the world, if not “the” world then at least your world.

An opportunity to experience Franki’s approach to living fully- fooly through Play

She will introduce her unique methodology, and concepts that she uses to bring out our inner player both on and off stage.

Looking at:

  • Being present and embodied
  • The importance of open sharing circles
  • Why theatre and what is audience .. really?
  • We are not one self but many
  • How to transform suffering into enjoyment?
  • What is feedback and criticism and how does it work?
  • Freeing up the blocks that keep us stuck
  • “Work is love in action = is play”

Franki’s talk and workshops/ playshops are not only relevant to performers and creative artists, but also to those wishing to live life more fully (fooly) especially Therapists, Teachers, and Explorer adventurers of all kinds.