Three Artists. One stage. „Töne vor der Tür“ presents:


Lili Mare:

With introspective lyrics and acoustic and indie inspired
sound, Lili Mare hopes to create an intimate space with her music for
people to find comfort in.
Inspired by Artists like Ben Howard and Maggie Rogers, Mare moved to
Berlin to pursue her dream, find her sound and take her music career to
the next level.


Tim Gallego:

Tim Gallego is a Colombian musician and frontman of the indie project
Danae. Today he will be playing solo-guitar.

Isis Silva:

Isis Silva is an upcoming artist based in Berlin. «I want to be able
to tell my story and give a hug to those who need it» is something she
says to describe what she does. A small guitar, some chords and a lot of
feelings and thoughts has been a way of expressing herself since the age
of 12.

Isis Silva is heavily influenced by Adele, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish.
Her music has a focus on honest lyrics and catchy melodies. Silva makes
music that makes you feel something. Now she is confident enough to
finally share her latest single «Wherever I Go»