We are very happy to announce that to celebrate the final „Töne vor der Tür“ 2021 we have a special double show for you!

Three strong female voices and amazing musicians giving you their diverse  interpretations of traditional music from Mexico to France!

From 17:00 AMAIAH will be playing for us.

A multidisciplinary artist and composer taking influences
from Jazz, Soul, and Latin American music. She has trained and worked
with renowned musicians on the European scene, primarily in Barcelona,

Residing between Mexico City and Barcelona she is able to take
inspiration and spread her art in both music scenes.She seeks and allows
herself to express and grow as an artist and as a woman from female
empowerment through art and as a member of EL PALOMAR, a female
art and composition group, she has been able to perform alongside the
Chilean artist and multi Latin Grammy award winning artist Mon Laferte.

“Being between both countries gives me the means for creation and
to compose and drink musically from Latin America”, – the artist’s words –
LATAM, a region where she connects artistically.

A M A I A H – YouTube

A M A I A H (@amaiah_music) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos

Spotify – Amaiah

From 18:30 FREI KRAKEN will perform.

Das Duo Frei Kraken möchte die Schönheit traditioneller europäischer Lieder feiern
und ihre Vielfalt wie auch ihre Gemeinsamkeiten erkunden. Morgane Neplaz und
Bianca Guitton singen gemeinsam in verschiedenen Sprachen und begleiten sich mit
Harfe und Percussions, inspiriert von traditionellen und zeitgenössischen Stilen. Mit
Humor und Verspieltheit bieten sie ein poetisches Erlebnis aus Tanz, Poesie und

Sounds amazing right?! Dont miss it!!