This open level session offers a space to explore your awareness, creativity and embodied expression in a playful manner; diving into sensing, feeling, being present and instinctive. Starting from awakening our senses and warming up the body we will proceed into exercises of listening. By tuning into ourselves, the group and the space we access the creative process and allow our bodies to move. We are looking for ways to connect to our natural, personal expression and discover a way to communicate through our bodies, movement and energy.

In each session we will work with different themes and approach them in a playful way through individual research, group work and partnering. Throughout the class we visit different places, energy levels and states of being through the movement. The work will lead us to creating little movement compositions, stories in the space, which we will participate and observe. The session will finish with a cool down and relaxation.

No previous experience required. Bring with you: relaxed clothes to move in (no shoes) and a curious, open mind. This work is for You 🙂

„You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.“ Plato

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Costs: 13 euros

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