26. Januar 2020 um 14:00 – 17:00
Lily und Guilia

Back to basics – Strengthen your foundations

Small intimate group of max. 12 participants and 2 facilitators
Book email:
Lily: aureliaserenaa@gmail.com
Giulia: giulia.delbalzi@gmail.com

Foundations guide to Yoga: Learn how to practice Sun Salutations safely at home.

This workshop is for people that want to start practicing Yoga, but do not know what to expect from a class.
The workshop is also for people that already have experience and want to go deeper.

We take a closer look at three types of Sun Salutations: Classical, A and B.
Breaking it down pose by pose allows us to get a better understanding of every Asana (Yoga pose), learning the proper alignment and different variations that suit our body and allow us to modify according to our needs.

Last but not least… how to properly breathe, when to inhale or exhale!

Learn how to listen to your own body:
Build a safe practice that allows you to go deeper or take a step back if needed. Memorizing and learning the queue will help you feel more secure on the mat, without always having to check what other people are doing.

A basic understanding helps us to keep the focus on the breath during the practice, without constantly having to shift the attention outwards. It is also very important to prevent injuries, taking it step by step without rushing straight into more difficult poses.

Early Bird 25€ till 19/01/2020
Regular price and drop-in* 30 €

*drop-in only possible if there are still spots left. Check the event or contact us!
Make sure to reserve your spot in advance, as places are limited.


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