30. Januar 2019 um 18:00 – 19:00
7-12 €, 10er-Karte 70-120€ (nach Selbsteinschätzung)

This is re-energising midweek class designed around the twelve basic asanas (positions) with variations to suit all levels.

Although some asanas require us to confront our physical and mental limitations, we try in this class to find the subtle, soft and relaxed way to move beyond those limits, practicing remaining calm and focused even in moments of great strength.  Other asanas require less power and are instead designed to train the subtle muscular body, allowing us to move with deeper self awareness.

At the heart of the practice is the breath. Using specific breathing exercises we practice bringing our thoughts under conscious control and our bodies into a state of peaceful relaxation.

This class is taught in English.

Prise: 7-12 Euro (by self-assessment)

10 cart: 70-120€ (by self-assessment, applies to all yoga & Pilates classes, on whose page the 10th card is listed)

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