This class is for women* in any stage of pregancy. A safe and cosy space for connecting to your changing body and the little life inside you.
This is not a class designed specifically to prepare you for birth, it is about learning to adapt our normal yoga practice to feel safe and comfortable.
This is also a class where it is fully understood that you may need to pop out at regular intervals to be sick or pee (again!)!
Pregnant bodies are weired and fantastic. You may be experiencing all sorts of new things: stiff muscles, nausea, painful feet, loose ligaments, discharge from everywhere and oh so much besides!
In this class everything is accepted as we gentle tune in to find what feels releasing and relaxing without too much ambition.


My background is in classic Hatha Yoga but I enjoy incorporating exercises from many yoga traditions. In the end what matters is not the type of yoga we practice but the openness and spirit of exploration we take to the study of well-being. I am currently pregnant with my first child.


If you have any questions you can email me. For more information please take a look at my website: where you will also find free yoga audio-guides to help you practice at home.
Please book and pay for the class in advance.

10-14 euros



This class is 3G. Please please do not come if you have any symptoms of illness or have been in contact with a positiv tested person in the last week. I recomend that even if you are vaccinated or recovered that you also do an at-home test before attending.