This is an open level class for everybody with every body.

In this class we will combine classic Yoga-Postures and Yoga-Flow-Sequences as well as more free movements, inspired by contemporary dance. breathing practice and meditation. with and without music. with sound and in silence. You will be encouraged and empowered to find your own rythm, speed and variation during your practice, aiming to connect with yourself, your body and the breath. Being aware of your needs in that very moment, finding strength, presence, grounding, pleasure in the movements and relaxation.

The class is taught in english or german – depending on participants

Joana is Yogateacher (creative HathaYoga 300+), mover, dancer, mother, Pantarei-Practicioner in process. She likes to see life as many circles, a constant moving of inner and outer processes. She is interested in vulnerability and transforming any emotion into a force. She combines her knowledge and experience of contemporary dance, Yoga and bodywork.

Prise: 8-14 Euro (by self-assessment)

10 cart: 80-140€ (by self-assessment, applies to all yoga & Pilates classes, on whose page the 10th card is listed)

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