Times are uncertain. We don’t really know what is to come. To me that feels scary, vulnerable but also exciting and hopeful.

It’s a time when resilience- the ability to recover from difficulty and crisis- is especially needed.

I’m offering yoga as a tool to build resilience- building up physical strength as well as allowing ourselves to connect to our feelings and calm down our nervous systems through meditation and breathwork.
The class includes a meditation, Pranayama (breathwork) and a dynamic yoga practice, guided by some of my favourite tunes.
I’m trained in Vinyasa & Hatha yoga but like weaving elements of Kundalini, Qi Kong and other somatic practices into my classes.
The class is designed to develop balance, flexibility and strength while making the space and time to relax deeply.

To join the practice you simply need a little bit of space in your room, ideally a yoga mat and maybe a blanket for the final relaxation.

Please install Zoom before the class starts. You will be sent the streaming link 15 min prior to the class.

You can book with me directly (just email carolin.goethel@gmail.com and I will send you the Zoom link) or via your Urban Sports app or the Fitogram website: https://widget.fitogram.pro/yoga-with-carolin?w=/list-view.

I look forward to practice with you!