Centered mainly around ideas of the buddhist dharma, this workshop provides guided meditation aswell as giving the participants the chance to share their experience with the group. The idea here is to benefit from one another by sharing different ways of dealing with common hindrances in meditation practise. While playfulness and experimentation are key, the focus will keep shifting between theory and practise on demand.

This is a beginner-friendly non-consecutive workshop exploring various approaches every session. However, the purpose clearly is to provide a practical knowledge which enables a fruitful practice that makes a difference to ones life. The workshop is held in german/english and is run donation-based (recommended: 8-15 euro).

My experience with meditation begann as a teenager and started out very playful and experiemental around all kinds of subjects with no clear focus on any major tradition. During university my practice became shaped more and more by more ‚classical‘ philosophical ideas, later on primarily influenced by ‚post-modern‘ philosophers. Opening to others the beauty, power and inspiration that can come through meditation is one of my goals today.

to be continued…



Due to the corona crisis this class is restricted to 7 students meaning you need to register in advance to ensure a spot! Please email me at Please try to do so at least 24 hours in advance as I do not check my emails shortly before the class.

Please also note that due to the corona crisis we have some strict hygiene rules we ask you to please follow:

  • 3 G rules: Please provide proof of a recent negative test (no older than 24 hours), recovery or full vaccination
  • Please bring your own yoga mat/blanket in case you prefer the cozyness, we got some cushions though
  • Please come dressed in comfortable clothes (we no longer have a changing room)
  • Please bring your own water/tee (we can no longer offer these)
  • Please maintain your distance to other students and wear a face mask on entering and leaving the building and meditation room
  • Please use the disinfectant provided
  • Please do not come if you have any symptoms of illness