12. Februar 2020 um 21:00 – 21:45

Meditation with Ana & Ina

Take a break. Take a breath. Step out of the busy week, close your eyes and tune in. 45 minutes dedicated to your own inner reality. Without distraction. Without expectation.

You don’t have to have a regular meditation practice to join us, everyone is welcome. This is a safe space for gently training inner stillness, encouraging the mind to slow down and saying hello to your true nature.

The session will either be led by Ana or Ina. Different meditation tools will be offered, from guided relaxations to walking meditations or simple mantras.

At the beginning of each session we will take some time to stretch and release the body before finding comfortable stillness in a seated position. Cushions, blankets, chairs and other props are all available.

Breathing exercises, guided techniques and silence will follow.


If you have any questions about the session please email info@subtlestrengthyoga.de

The session is lead in English.

Cost by donation between 6-11 Euros.

Alle aktuellen Yogakurse im Fincan findest du auf www.fincan.eu/yogapilatesmeditation