12. Januar 2020 um 19:00 – 21:00
Laura and Malou
Coming together in circles to chant together has always been a powerful practice for human beings to connect. Singing together has the unique power to unite instead of divide. Being stuck in our rational mind we often fall for the illusion of seperation. While singing we become able to let go of this illusion and truly feel the oneness of all beings.

Sound carries the capacity to overcome barriers and to touch us deep within on the heart-level. By raising our voice we open our hearts.

Chanting a Mantra we connect with the specific cosmic energy the mantra is related to. The repititiveness of the chanting can lead to a deep manifestation of that energy within ourselves.

This evening we will open the space for a heart-warming connecting chanting. We will chant various Mantras, who all have a special quality and the power to increase the love and sense of connection between us.

There is no need to be experienced in chanting Mantras to participate in this evening. Also there is no need to be „a good singer“ – there is no such thing tonight, only people who are passionate about singing.

Laura and Malou are both passionate singer and spiritual human beings, finding that chanting Mantras is a perfect way to combine those two things. Connected by these two passions they open this space together. The Mantras will be accompanied by live piano music.

10 €