15. Dezember 2019 um 19:00 – 21:30

This evening is dedicated to heart opening.

Are you ready to feel all that is waiting for you to experience inside of your heart space? This event will support your heart opening and take it to the next level.
In this safe space it is possible to let go of all the reasons we used to close our heart for. Let us experience the beauty of open hearts that are able to express whatever is there together this night.

At first we will have a beautiful Cacao Ceremony that will help you to connect with your heart and feel where you are at right now.  Cacao can help you to open up and sink deeper into your emotional body.

After the Cacao part of the evening we will chant the Mantra „Om mani peme hung“ for one hour.  This is a Mantra for heart opening. Chanting it for one hour is like a very intense meditation that brings up all heart connected topics that are craving for your attention that evening. It could be that some old pain is coming up that wants to be felt and released. It could also be that you feel pure joy and love vibrating through every cell of yours. The Mantra chanting will be accompanied by Laura´s beautiful piano playing.

After this conscious journey through your heart space we will close the evening with a sound healing that helps you to relax and process what you have experienced.


Laura and Malou are both passionate singers and spiritual human beings, finding that chanting Mantras is a perfect way to combine those two things. Connected by these passions they open this space together. Laura is also trained in Thai Yoga Massage and about to gain her master´s degree in clinical psychology. Malou holds a master´s degree in cultural and social psychology, is trained in various coaching and healing techniques and works as a self-love coach and thetahealer.


Raw Cacao is a medicine plant, given to us by mother earth. It has an effect on us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Cacao helps to open the heart, to ground the body, and to raise the spirit. Some people experience Cacao in a very subtle and gentle way, for others it can be very deep and intense.

Don´t do alcohol or drugs before you come to this ceremony. Also try to avoid coffee that day and don´t eat right before the event. If you take antidepressants or are suffering from a serious heart disease, please let us now beforehand.


15 €