Leaving expectations behind, I invite you to join me in building a unique morning practice combining a variety of techniques.

Sometimes focusing on Asanas from the Hatha tradition, perhaps working through some Ashtanga-inspired sequences or working with moving mediation and Qi-gong, this practice will be designed to introduce you to different ways of moving, breathing and thinking.
How each session looks will be unique depending on the energy in the room, with a consistent goal of developing awareness and bringing a little bit of joy to the start of the day.
To join a class, send me an email: nick@maximisingmindfulness.com
Pricing: due to the current restrictions on class sizes, I invite participants to contribute €15 to help cover rent costs for the space. You are welcome to contact me directly if this is a barrier, send me an email: nick@maximisingmindfulness.com and we will work something out.