With a focus on steady, stable asanas and transitions, I offer a simple yet challenging practice in the Hatha tradition of yoga.
You can expect a practice with a strong focus on breath connecting balance with movement, or if the feeling in the room calls for a more relaxed and playful practice this will be explored, inviting intuitive movements and pauses throughout to find and express whatever is waiting beneath the surface.
To join a class, send me an email: nick@maximisingmindfulness.com
Classes will combine mantra, warm ups, sun salutations, asanas, savasana, pranayama and meditation and run for approximately 90 minutes.
For those with experience, these classes provide the opportunity to deepen the inner journey, finding stability and stillness in asana.
For those new to the practice, these classes offer the chance to develop a strong basis in fundamentals on top of which you can develop.
Pricing: €15.
This class will not be offered through Urban Sports Club.