Yoga for me, is a dance. A flow of letting go and being.

It’s an experience of learning to get in touch with, stay with, and breath with your inner self. On the mat we’re able to come into our full presence – in the moment and in the flow.

Yoga means love to me, love for myself but also for others. I would like to pass on what yoga has given me, and that is so much more than asana practice.

In my classes it becomes powerful, yet there is enough space to explore yourself. It is an interplay between tension and relaxation like a meditative dance.


Due to the corona crisis this class is restricted to 7 students meaning you need to register in advance to ensure a spot! Please do so via e-mail:

Please try to do so at least 24 hours in advance as I do not check my emails shortly before the class.

Please note that due to the corona crisis we have some strict hygiene rules we ask you to please follow:

  • Please provide proof of a recent negative test (no older than 24 hours) or full immunisation
  • bring your own yoga mat
  • come dressed in your yoga gear (we no longer have a changing room)
  • bring your own water/tee (we can no longer offer these)
  • maintain your distance to other students and wear a face mask on entering and leaving the building and yoga room.
  • use the disinfectant provided
  • do not come if you have any symptoms of illness


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