Are you looking for ways to increase your mobility and strength that also offer you the philosophical depth of a yoga class?

Then come join me on Thursdays mornings at Fincan for my FUNCTIONAL LYT® YOGA classes.

Functional means that instead of just adopting pretzel poses, I’ll teach you in a lighthearted and engaging way the biomechanics of your beautiful and unique body.

You’ll learn how to intelligently increase your mobility, how to move with more lightness and elegance and how to access your inherent ressource of power that will enable you to stand up for yourself and others and achieve those things of which you’ve always thought they were beyond your reach. 💪❤️🤸‍♀️
You’ll leave each class empowered, peaceful and aligned with your self.

These classes are not suitable for absolute beginners* but rather aimed at people who already have or had some sort of movement practice. They are particularly interesting for yogis, athletes, dancers or movers with a history of injury who want to unlearn non-optimal movement patterns and regain confidence in their bodies. As a side effect, you might notice your gait, posture, athletic performance in other sports improve 🙂

The LYT® Yoga Method was created by a physical therapist with the aim to restore and maintain the long-term health of tissues and joints and to strengthen not only muscles, but also the body-mind-connection through intelligent, neurodevelopmental sequencing.
In each class I’ll combine the method with body awareness exercises and a guided relaxation at the end.

WHEN: Thursdays from 10:15-11:45
WHERE: Fincan, Altenbrakerstrasse 26, 12051 Berlin

Classes are 90 Min.
One time probationary session: € 10,-
Drop-in: 18,-
5 class pass: € 70,-
10 class pass: € 130,-

Spots are limited to 7 people + 2G plus rules (vaccinated or proof of Covid recovery plus a negative test from a testing center that is not older than 24 hs).
Please bring your own mat, a towel and mask.
Pay upon arrival in cash or in advance via bank transfer or Paypal.

To reserve your spots or for questions, drop me a line via or 0176 381 566 77 (Telegram, Whatsapp, Signal, Text)

I am looking forward to moving you!