I usually teach one classic Awareness-through-Movement lesson. You will need comfty clothes and a mat, and about 50-60 minutes of time. The class will be streamed through the zoom app.

You can log in in several ways:

1. By sending an email to hannesbuder[at]gmail.com, with the date of the course that you wish to participate in. I will answer you with a zoom link, and the payment options. The price per class is 7 Euro. In case you cannot afford this, we can find a reduced price that works for you. After all, it’s financially hard times for some.

2. If you are a Urban Sports Club Member, you can log in through their site.

3. You can log in through the Fitogram App as well. https://widget.fitogram.pro/feldenkrais-fincan/dashboard/?w=/list-view