13. Februar 2020 um 19:30 – 20:30

Contemporary Dance für Anfänger
Durch den Raum gleiten, in den Boden fließen, abruptes Stoppen, Umleiten von Bewegungsenergien, Balance und Off-Balance, Arbeit mit der Musik, mit dem Gewicht und dem Atem.
Contemporary Dance ist eine Weiterentwicklung und Synthese verschiedener Tanztechniken wie Modern Dance, Contact Improvisation, Yogaübungen, Release Technik und Improvisation.
Der Unterricht beginnt mit gründlichem Aufwärmen und der Vorbereitung des Körpers: Dehnung-, Stärkung-, Mobilisierung- und Koordinationsübungen und die Entwicklung tanztechnischer Grundlagen bilden die erste Phase des Unterrichts. Kleine Choreographien oder Improvisationsspiele in der Gruppe kennzeichnen den zweiten Teil des Unterrichts.
Der Unterricht ist so aufgebaut, dass man auch ohne tänzerische Vorkenntnisse problemlos hineinfindet und schnell das Erlebnis hat, wirklich zu tanzen.

Contemporary Dance for beginners
Roll on the floor, slide, jump… stop! Let the movement flow, change the energy, balance and off balance. Follow the music, feel your weight. Breath!
Contemporary Dance is an evolution and a synthesis of different dance and body techniques: modern dance, improvisation, release technique, contact improvisation, yoga elements are at the base of this class.
The class starts with a thorough warm up and preparation of the body: stretching, strengthening, mobilization and coordination exercises as well as space and group awareness build the first half of the class.
The second half of the class is characterized by small movement sequences and improvisation tasks within the group.
The class is specifically built so that one can take part without any particular previous knowledge. If you feel like dancing, that´s the class for you!

About me
I started attending ballet classes at a very young age and after many years my interest shifted towards modern and contemporary dance.
I attended two professional dance education programs in Italy  (in Milan and Catania) and in 2012 I graduated in SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) . After that I worked with companies in Italy and abroad, and performed in many Festivals and theaters in Europe.
In 2013 I moved in Berlin and worked as guest with DORKY PARK – Constanza Macras  and then started  to work as a freelance dancer.
In 2015 I took part in the production „Part of You“ by the dance collective Grupo Oito and since then I a fix member. I took part in the pieces „Sight“, „Dance for Sale“, „Unrestricted Contact“ and „K-(now)-go Zones“.
​I´ve developed my own work, in collaboration with other dance artists („Liven“, 2015), as a solo („A-letheia“, 2016) and I work regularly with the video artist Yvon Chabrowski (last „Swaying“, „WE HAVE A BODY“, 2019).
In my artistic work I´m interested in the relationship between individual and society, in the interpersonal relationships and in the human being and his/her inner world.
Since 2015 I teach regularly contemporary dance classes. Teaching is also a very important part of my work.
In my dance classes my aim is not only to teach dance, but also to give the participants a space where they can meet themselves and others and where they can experience life-themes through dance and movement.

Kosten: 8-14 Euro (nach Selbsteinschätzung)

10er Karte 80-140€ (nach Selbsteinschätzung, gilt für alle Yoga- & Pilateskurse, auf deren Seite die 10er Karte aufgeführt ist)


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