4. Mai 2019 um 19:00 – 4. Juni 2019 um 22:00

Eine Ausstellung von Caroline Chaves /
An exhibition by Caroline Chaves

4. Mai – 4. Juni 2019

Öffnungszeiten / Opening times : Sa 11.5., 16-17 Uhr; Sa 18.5., 16-17 Uhr; Sa 25.5., 13-14 Uhr; Sa 1.6., 16-17 Uhr

47 hosts houses. 3 rules. One year of living in a nomadic condition. Skipping occasionally to the studio KunstHochschule Weißensee to work in the documentation of the work.
Writing, photographing, filming and documenting.

No Furniture is a manifest, an action, a decision guided for the wish of making art and life melt together and become one. It is not just a saying. It was my reality for a whole year. A consequence of being a Berliner in current days. An achievement of woman’s protest and struggle in the last decades. The privilege of taking risks, as a conceptual and personal journey of expression, and the fortune of being trusted by strangers who allowed me into their homes and lives, is the core of this one-year-long performance.

The performance, which started in the day 1 in a new shelter and ended on day 7 in another, had entirely new environments at any new location. Sometimes, I was relieved to leave, to move on, sometimes I was sad, sometimes I was just automatic. I had to adapt to a new act every week, new audience, and I became a part of a structure more significant than me, not more and not less.

In this exhibition, I suggest to you the picture documentation of that whole year. It unfolds my experiences, and hopefully perpetuates the history of me and the hosts, the one both sides would like to share, and connect with your memories.