19. September 2019 um 9:30 – 11:00
7-12 €, 10er-Karte 70-120€ (nach Selbsteinschätzung)
This open yoga class is suitable for anyone who wants to move the body and calm the mind in order to stay physically and mentally healthy. Stretching and strength building exercises help to relieve tension and to increase stamina as well as mobility. The exercises incorporate elements from yoga philosophy.

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic and powerful yoga style with a focus on connecting breath with movement. Although the sequence of the exercises is fixed in traditional Ashtanga Yoga, the course will also incorporate elements of Vinyasa Yoga. The lesson begins with a short breathing exercise, followed by warm-up, sun salutations, a combination of standing and sitting or lying positions, and is rounded up with a final relaxation. Whether with or without any yoga experience, you are welcome – modifications are offered for different levels, so the intensity is determined by yourself. Flexibility is not a requirement – it depends on acceptance of one’s boundaries, mindfulness and mobility! Come without registration, mats are sufficiently available.

This class is taught in English.

Time: Thursdays 09:30 – 11:00

Cost: 7 to 12 € – depending on your own ability and estimation

10-card: 70-120€ (depending on your own ability and estimation, applies to all Yoga & Pilates classes, on whose page the 10-card is listed)

Contact: ina.ko@posteo.de

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