Amanda Ghatorra is a portuguese self-taught singer-songwriter and looping artist. After 3 years of travelling the world, teaching herself how to play the guitar, writing her first songs, giving gigs in pubs, festivals, beside campfires at the beach and recording her first acoustic EP ’Walk With Me’, she finally came back to Germany and is now following her passion of making music in Berlin.

She has always had a deep connection to music, learning how to play the piano by the age of 5 years and startig to sing shortly afterwards. Back in Germany she taught herself how to use a looper and has given several gigs on different venues since then. As for the genre of her music, it is hard to put it into a certain category as it contains a mix of different styles, including soul, reggae, jazz, electronic and alternative elements.

Amanda Ghatorra is all about reaching out and grabbing what we dream of. About standing up for what we believe in, growing in our own ways and creating stories that we can share with others some day without regrets. All of her music, recordings, productions and artworks are self-made and her lyrics are autobiographical.


Rash Caprino is a Modern Rock Band formed in 2019 in Berlin. The group consists of Juan Parga (Bass Guitar and Voice), Nicolas Herlitz (Lead Guitar), Hannes Wollman (Synth, Organ and second Voice) and Robin Ilibasic (Drums). They are currently recording their first EP, which is going to be released in December of 2019.

Germany, England, Chile and Argentina. Rash Caprino is a mix of different cultures and life stories, that they all blend together once the music is played. They have all met in Berlin in December of 2018, while Jammin’ on a common Friend’s Party.

They all write and produce the songs together with different influences from the 70s Rock and modern Indie and always with a clear goal: Sharing the music to the people. Rash Caprino is a Band with stories turned into songs and songs turned into a message.